About Us

A letter from Michael,

HFM was born from a love of off-road motorcycle riding, and the cross contamination of, and respect for sports in general. We have since included our love for our off track favorite, GOLF, which is as anti-moto as you can get but we still have fun with it. HFM has become a lifestyle brand for enthusiasts addicted to adrenaline and dedicated to adventure. We welcome all manner of fanatics devoted to the fringes of the sporting world that require participation not simply watching. If you dare to live for the journey of life then dare to be different, become a member of the HFM family and exist on the borders of convention. HFM designs LLC is Veteran owned, operated, and is headquartered in Meridian ID.

We are a different kind of lifestyle apparel company, we encourage you the consumer to be a participant in our growth and development. We are inspired by your ideas and urge our customers to ask for customization in your orders. If you have any ideas or requests contact us at michael@hfmdesigns.com.

Thank you,

Michael Dooley

Owner, HFM Designs